We make opportunities
We make opportunities


Match Money isn’t just a bespoke solution for businesses seeking finance. It is also an opportunity for investors to make very attractive returns on their capital. If you are fed up with financial products which seem to benefit everyone but you and savings account rates which do not even protect the real value of your money then MatchMoney offers a bespoke alternative for investors too.

The market for non-bank loans to businesses in the UK and USA is now dominated by Peer to Peer platforms which do offer an attractive rate of return for investors. However, in many cases, the investor is not able to specify exactly which businesses his money is lent to. In those cases he is not an active investor and relies on the Peer to Peer platform to invest his money wisely.

At MatchMoney we are different because we match investors EXCLUSIVELY with people who run their own businesses. Before introducing any borrower we ensure that we fully understand the needs of the business and also how the money will be used. That process ensures that we only select the best and safest lending opportunities to introduce to our investors. 

MatchMoney documents the whole transaction and perfects the security but the loan agreement is made directly between the investor and the borrower. The loans are always fully secured, usually by mortgage against real estate or by charges over other suitable collateral. Polish law allows the lender to effectively take provisional ownership of the assets offered as security for the duration of the loan with absolute ownership passing automatically if the borrower defaults. It is also possible, by notarial deed executed before the loan is granted, for a borrower to voluntarily submit to enforcement. That deed greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of foreclosure. See exactly how we work »

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At MatchMoney we are all businessmen so we understand that running your own business sometimes poses challenges which require quick action and a flexible approach to problem solving.

Regardless of whether your company has passed through a difficult time, you need additional capital for growth or there is a transaction that needs to be completed “yesterday”, we are ready to help you. 

We look your business as a whole. Therefore, any arrears of tax or social insurance (ZUS), adverse credit history (BIK) or lack of creditworthiness are not necessarily obstacles for us. 

What can you expect?

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